The new Verifit2 fitting system

Dear Customer,

We don’t introduce a new platform very often - and we’re actually kind of proud of that.

Let me explain. If you were an early adopter of the original Verifit you are in your 14th year of ownership and in that time you will have never paid an extra dime for a physical upgrade or new software. We think that’s pretty awesome. And we’re also pleased that our latest software upgrade runs at the same performance level on every VF1 built since 2000. Try that with
a PC!

Verifit2: The only platform for paired instruments

  • Confirm features of paired instruments like volume control
    and programming adjustments
  • Verify the engagement of streaming functions such as 
    telephone programs
  • Robust platform for expansion of paired
    instrument testing

Verifit2: The only fully binaural system

  • First and only binaural test box
  • Position instruments in the test box As-worn™
  • Simultaneously compare instruments from competing
  • The only binaural monitor headphones — listen to any test

Verifit2: The only 16kHz system

  • Verify the full range of amplification for both children and adults
  • Both on the ear and in the test box
  • Audiometry to 12.5kHz to more fully define residual auditory

Verifit2: Office ready & faster than ever

  • Quick-connect coupler system + binaural for the fastest test box measures
  • 60% fewer cables vs original Verifit for a smoother experience
  • No more putty for thin-tube and RIC instruments
  • Streamlined Speechmap® interface means faster verification
  • NOAH4 module, PDF printing, wireless networking for
    seamless integration