Verifit Fitting SystemREAL CONTROL

Verifit® delivers real control and complete hearing instrument verification. It's the 'gold-standard' for fitting of hearing instrument and with it, you can test and verify almost any hearing instrument in the world. The fitting environment offeres full Speechmap capabilities (see below) with simultaneous direction tests, noise reduction, feedback suppression, and frequency lowering tests. When you need comprehensive functionality, and complete control, you need Verifit.


Objective measurement and verification of hearing instruments is critical to the success of patient rehabilitation and satisfaction. Verifit offers the hearing healthcare professions everything necessary to provide complete control of the fitting process and the outcome.  The results are clear – fewer returns, more time for patients, and higher patient satisfaction.

Speechmap® TechnologySPEECHMAP®

Using Verifit’s pioneering Speechmap® technology, you can quickly measure the hearing instrument output at the tympanic membrane using real speech.  The process ensures accuracy and reproducible validity by using a methodology based on solid science rather than guesswork.

Speechmap also makes it easy for patients to understand their own hearing loss. Its visual representation of their loss facilitates their comprehension of their own residual audiotory area, recruitment, and of the limitations imposed by their hearing loss. It’s an invaluable tool for patient counseling and rehabilitation.


Verifit offers the practitioner unparalleled compatibility with the full range of today’s hearing instruments. The instrument can verify analog, digital, occluded, open and frequency shifting instruments. It can be used in every circumstances regardless of the hearing instrument involved.


Verifit is also equipped with everything you need to fit pediatric patients.  It is widely considered the preferred instrument for pediatric use.


Included in Verifit are data management features that make it easy to store, manage, and transfer patient information. Among its data management features are:

  • NOAH compatibility

  • Ability to print to an internal or external printer

  • Ability to store or restore sessions from a network file or USB stick

  • Capturing of any Verifit screen through a local network or the Internet

  • Use of an optional barcode scanner to store and retrieve patient audiometric data


Unlike PC-based systems, Audioscan fitting systems are dedicated to their audiology function. There are no virus or compatibility issues to worry about. Since Audioscan supports the entire system, no matter how old your fitting system is, we can ensures that every update is current, stable, and compatible. Not least, our software updates are free.